A small technique to improve the precision of injection molding

- Jun 13, 2018-

With the development and progress of the society, the application of injection molded parts is more and more extensive. In some special industries, they put forward higher requirements for the precision of the injection molding parts, so we should be more cautious in the injection molding of such products.

What are the factors affecting the accuracy of injection molding parts?  How can we improve the accuracy of injection molded parts? Now let's get to know together.

1, die pressing: in principle, it should be greater than the total pressure of plastic injection into the mold, so as not to have burrs as the benchmark.

2, the pressure and speed have part of the same relationship in the mold. Aim to make the raw material into the mold can be uniform, complete, full and full of all corners. Too low will be short shot, shrinkage, too high hair, overfull, sticky mold, burning, vulnerable die and internal stress and high adverse phenomenon.

3, speed: the speed of fast and slow determine the raw material in the mold runner and finished product of the situation, fast edge, overfull, burning, slow the emergence of short, shrinking, combined with bad and easy to break.

4, temperature: different raw materials, different temperature, too low solution glue color uneven, internal stress of the finished product increase. Because the temperature is too low supercharging, may cause screw fracture, excessive, product has hair edge, also caused by cooling temperature difference, cause shrinkage. Raw material will break down, change the length of cooling time, gas is not easy to discharge, gas gas will be.