How to prevent plastic moldings deformation

- Sep 28, 2018-

There are many elements affected the molds quality, such as the shrikage rate, gate design, molding parameters settings, etc.


(1) The dimensional accuracy of the mold
Precision die size should be appropriate to consider mold design, production and molding process according to the drawing, in which the key is how to ensure dimensional tolerances within the scope of the actual size of the mold was required in the drawing, which is also the designer must solve otherwise affect the mold.
(2) Shrinkage
Even if the same kind of resin, if the molding conditions are different, it will be different shrinkage. Requirements of precision molding shrinkage rate of change to be small, and the expected shrinkage and actual shrinkage as much as possible the same, but in the actual process is generally difficult to do, usually after tryout should be amended to die. In order to better correction when the mold, Dongguan plastic mold recess size design, shrinkage should try to take a small value, and the convex portion size is the maximum value.
2. prevent molding deformation
The root of causing the molding deformation,  due to its uneven shrinkage, which is mainly caused by  the mold internal stress, so we can take preventive measures include:
(1) The number of gates to the right, each gate to keep a balance;
(2) Do DFM during design and select the correct shape and position of the gate
(3)If  the material shrinkage rate is relatively small, during the molding process, we can settup the holding pressure and time to improve.  In addition, mold design should be releasing in the case of plastic deformation, and to prevent deformation.


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