How to use CNC machine tool to improve work efficiency

- Jun 13, 2018-

CNC lathe should pay attention to the disposal of production site. With the development of technology, the functional components of the heart of CNC CNC lathe have been widely used by the company as the bottom equipment of the flexible manufacturing system. The main concern of the user is no longer its flexibility, but its output power. It must not be said that with the processing of numerical control equipment such as the heart, the company has a very high production power. According to the inventory, the theoretical cutting time of many working hearts is less than 55% of that of the working hours. The factors that affect the processing power of the heart are numerous and messy. In fact, there is a lot of room for processing power equipment such as heart and other numerical control equipment. How to advance the processing power and reduce the reject rate has become a difficult problem for many companies.

In the application theory of flexible manufacturing system, the factors that affect the power output are diversity. Nowadays, many companies and scientific research institutes do not pay attention to the process of production which play a great role in production. Some units often ignore the process depiction in the system depiction, and perhaps the technical leadership is not strong. This makes the theoretical production process to take a long time to modify the adjustment process, and even some products to come back to depict some from scratch, so that the processing power of the processing heart is greatly reduced.

In order to advance the application level of the CNC CNC lathe to process the heart, the optimization of the tool and the automatic process parameters are a very important and difficult problem to be solved satisfactorily. In the theoretical work, it is often based on the experience of technical personnel and the accumulation of knowledge, so we should pay attention to the training of technical personnel in this field; on the other hand, we should increase the research on this aspect, establish a base cutting database, use fuzzy mathematics, artificial intelligence technology and genetic algorithm, and so on to deal with this problem. A new way is famine.

The processing power of the CNC CNC lathe depends largely on the proportion of the cutting hour to the working hour of the working heart. The greater the ratio, the higher the processing power. The technological content of modern processing equipment is higher and higher, and the essential needs of personnel are higher and higher. If the operation is unskillful, it will be too long on the non processing hours such as program debugging, workpiece changing and so on, resulting in low power of processing heart.