Setting of mould temperature in plastic injection mold

- Jun 13, 2018-

1, the mold temperature affects the molding cycle and forming quality. In the actual operation, the minimum appropriate temperature of the material is set up in the actual operation, and then it is properly adjusted according to the quality condition.

2. In the correct way, the model temperature refers to the temperature of the surface of the cavity when the forming is carried out. In the mold design and the setting of the forming engineering, it is important not only to maintain the proper temperature, but also to make it evenly distributed.

3. Uneven temperature distribution leads to uneven shrinkage and internal stress, resulting in distortion and warpage of the die.

4. The following effect can be obtained by improving the model temperature:

(1) increase the crystallinity and homogeneous structure of molded products.

(2) the molding shrinkage is more sufficient and the rear shrinkage decreases.

(3) improve the strength and heat resistance of the molded products.

(4) reduce residual stress, molecular alignment and deformation.

(5) reduce flow impedance during filling and reduce pressure loss;

(6) make the appearance of the form more lustrous;

(7) the opportunity to increase the margin of the molding product;

(8) increase the near gate location and reduce the chance of depression at the far gate.

(9) reduce the apparent degree of the binding line;

(10) increase the cooling time.