The difference between the 3D printing hand plate and the CNC processing hand board

- Jun 13, 2018-

1. Comparison of materials

3D printing plate: polymer compounds (engineering plastics, resin materials, etc.), and a small amount of metal materials. Typical addition processing methods, extremely high material utilization, basically no waste.

CNC processing hand board: mainly metal materials, or plastic materials or other materials. The traditional method of material reduction and utilization is not high, material waste is large, and processing materials are extensive.

2. Comparison of processing technology

3D printing hand plate: it can process all kinds of complicated curved surfaces and special-shaped structures. It can be completed at one time without any fixture design.

CNC processing hand board: complex parts need to be divided into many processes, with heavy workload and long process, and the processing needs to design different fixtures and make them.

3, cost comparison

3D print hand:

(1) bring drive software, fast production, no professional training.

(2) disposable multiple parts can be processed without manual duty.

(3) the accuracy is not very high, no machining error;

CNC processing hand:

(1) professional programmers and professional aerobics;

(2) only one component can be processed at one time, and the cost of labor is high.

(3) there will be a machine fault or a bad clamping.

After mastering the difference between the 3D printing hand board and the CNC processing hand plate model, in the actual application process, the hand board model can be selected according to the actual needs of its own products, which can reduce the cost of the hand board and the error rate of the enterprise, and realize the good economic benefit. For example, if it is a special-shaped part that focuses on the design of product design, whether it is from labor, material, time and other cost analysis, the choice of 3D print hand will be better than CNC processing; if it is a metal part that verifies the functional function of the product, it is no doubt that CNC processing is absolutely your first choice!