What are the advantages of zinc alloy die casting compared with other metal alloys?

- Jun 13, 2018-

In recent years, zinc alloy die-casting has been widely used and can also replace some metal alloys as castings. What are the advantages of zinc alloy die-casting compared with other metals?

Compared with other nonferrous alloys, die-casting zinc alloys have obvious advantages: low price, low melting point, low energy consumption, good fluidity, good formability and filling. The surface of the castings pressed out is especially suitable for polishing, electroplating and spraying. It is suitable for the manufacture of high quality die casting products. With the improvement of the performance of the die-casting machine and the development of the technology for the surface decoration of the zinc alloy die casting, the application range of the die-casting zinc alloy is increasing, from the rocker arm, the handle, the bracket, the dial, the surface case, and the pneumatic carburetor, the oil pump shell and the drawing instrument which have the air tightness. The use of die-casting zinc alloys is very common. It is recognized that it is necessary to use high purity zinc to obtain high quality and high stability zinc alloy castings. The impurities such as iron, aluminum and lead in zinc alloys are strictly limited. The development of zinc alloy surface treatment and decoration technology is very fast. The bright surface can be obtained through electroplating. Under the conditions of no high temperature strength, the zinc alloy die casting is a powerful competitor for the copper alloy castings. Zinc alloy castings are treated with oxidation to obtain bronze appearance. This is a breakthrough in zinc alloy art castings, comparable to copper art castings.

Because zinc alloy die casting has its unique advantages, it is widely used in various major industries as parts.