What aspects of the CNC processing center can be used

- Jun 13, 2018-

One, what aspects of the CNC processing center can be used

CNC machining center is a kind of mechanical equipment commonly used in NC machining. Before, CNC processing center is mainly used for precision processing, and it is not very common. After more than ten years of development, the CNC processing center has become an important CNC machine tool in various processing industries. Its range is very wide. In all walks of life, it can find its figure, such as space space, The CNC machining center is needed for navigation, automobiles, mobile phone metal parts and some common metal parts in daily life. But it is not to say that a CNC processing center can do all kinds of work, CNC processing center is a lot of model, different types of CNC processing centers are different.

Two. Different types of CNC machining centers are used differently

In a few examples, some CNC processing centers can process molds, some can be used to process large metal parts with larger specifications, and some can process small hardware parts and products.

The CNC machining centers used for processing molds are generally large, such as VMC850, VMC1060, VMC1270, and other CNC machining centers with large distances. The inner bars of these CNC machining centers are thickened, the rigidity of the structure is strengthened greatly and the processing stability is greatly improved. The production efficiency of the high rigid spindle can be increased by more than 30% with the large torque device, and it is a good hand for the processing mold.

When large metal parts are required to be machined, we usually recommend the Longmen processing center. For example, LM1613 small Longmen processing center, known as a large vertical machining center terminator, because of its closed door type structure, so the rigidity of most vertical machining centers is better than most, with good flexibility and precision stability. The selection of multiple tool banks has greatly improved the processing efficiency of processed products.

Small hardware parts and products are used very much in life. Most of these parts can use small processing centers, such as VMC650, VMC550, VMC420 and other CNC machining centers. These small CNC processing centers are specially used to produce small hardware parts and products, both of which are both drilling center and processing center. All the performance is a compound Mini machining center with high cost performance. It is very suitable for mass production of hardware parts and products.