How To Choose The Mold Frame In The Plastic Mold

- Jun 13, 2018-

The mould frame is a semi-finished product of moulds, which is made up of various steel plates and parts. Because of the great difference in the processing of mold and die, the mould maker will choose to order the mold frame to the mould maker and make use of the advantages of both sides to improve the overall production quality and efficiency.

In simple terms, the mould frame has preforming device, positioning device and ejection device. General configuration for panel, A board (front model), B board (post model), C board (Fang Tie), floor, top needle panel, top needle plate, and guide, back needle and other parts.

The size and structure of plastic moulds are mainly depended on the size and structure of plastic products. For plastic moulds, the more compact the better the structure is, on the premise of guaranteeing enough strength.

According to the dimensions of the product (plane projection area and height) and the structure of the product, such as the structure of the side type slider, the shape size of the insert can be determined. After determining the size of the insert, the size of the mold frame can be roughly determined.