How To Maintain The Plastic Parts Of The Car

- Jun 13, 2018-

The main cause of accelerated aging of plastic parts in summer is high temperature, ultraviolet and rain. We talked about the maintenance of plastic parts in summer vehicles, mainly from these three aspects.

To prevent excessive aging, how to maintain plastic parts for aging and maintenance of plastic cars in summer?

Tire maintenance in summer to prevent overtire pressure

In summer, the inner overheating of the vehicle tires will increase the tire pressure, and the tire pressure will increase, while the tire pressure increases while the tire pressure is too long, although the rolling resistance decreases, but the part of the contact between the tread and the ground decreases correspondingly - only the central part of the crown, the ground area is reduced, and the central wear of the crown is produced, which affects the ground performance of the tires, even the ground performance of the tires, even the ground performance of the tires will be affected. It affects the safety performance of the vehicle. At the same time, the tire pressure increases, and the tension of tread also increases. It is easily caused by external force shock, and it can also cause the crack of tread delamination bottom, which leads to tire damage and even blowout.

A small tire pressure monitor can provide you with great help in the summer. It is essential for cars that are not equipped with tire pressure testing.

Maintenance method: increase the tire pressure check frequency, reduce tire pressure at the right time.

The tires look large and strong, but in fact, tires are most afraid of ultraviolet, high temperature and acid rain. If you don't see the hangers and other plastic products exposed to the sun for some time, they will be very flexible, but most of them will be broken. Of course, the tires do not become vulnerable to plastic products like a coat hanger, but it can also greatly speed up the aging of the tire in the case of long ultraviolet, high temperature and acid rain.

Product recommendation: many people feel that it is troublesome to go to a car repair shop specially for measuring tire pressure. Therefore, we recommend that you keep a tire pressure gauge. At present, the tire pressure in the market is counted as pointer type and digital type. The two products can accurately measure tire pressure, and many tire pressure gauges themselves carry air release function, the market price is about 10-30 yuan. However, in a long and high speed, the tire temperature is very high, here should be paid attention to, only let the tire natural cooling, do not release air pressure or pour cold water to cool down, which will cause damage to the tire and bring safety hazards. Usually, the tire pressure is not often checked, but the hot summer weather suggests that the owners of each month should take the initiative to prevent the acceleration of fetal aging due to ultraviolet and acid rain.