The Characteristics Of The Use Of CNC Machine

- Jun 13, 2018-

1. The requirements of the CNC machine tools for the operation and maintenance personnel:

Operator: in addition to some technical knowledge and experience of ordinary machine tools, special technical and theoretical training and operation training should be carried out for the structural features, working principles and programming of CNC machine tools.

Maintenance personnel: there should be higher theoretical knowledge and maintenance technology. The mechanic should understand the electrical maintenance knowledge of some CNC machine tools, and the electrician should understand the structure and programming of CNC machine tools. Maintenance personnel should have a wide range of professional knowledge of machine, electricity and liquid. At present, the main CNC machine tool manufacturers have set up CNC machine training service center, and colleges and universities have set up CNC training centers or bases.

2. The requirements for the jig and the cutting tools of the CNC machine tools:

General fixture is used in single piece production, and special fixture should be used in batch production. Cutting tool features: high precision, durability and stability of geometry, can achieve external preconditioning, rapid knife change, with a standard series of handle, good control of cutting, curling and removal, good cooling performance.

Three, the application range of CNC machine tools:

1, many varieties, small batch production parts.

2. The complex parts of the shape and structure.

3. The parts that need to be reformed frequently.

4, valuable parts that are not allowed to be scrapped.

5. Needed parts for a minimum period of need.

6. Large quantities and high precision parts.