Plastic Injection Telecom Base Station Antenna parts

Plastic Injection Telecom Base Station Antenna parts

High quality, newly developped telecom components for the telecommunication, base station antenna, etc.

Product Details

LCP plastic injection Telecom parts,components for base station antenna

With the skills, experience and ability to supply you a wide range of competitively priced high quality injection plastic products, we manufactured many various  parts for telecommunication device, such as the front panel with customized  request, connectors, cable trough,  etc. we look forward to establishing a win-win relationship with our clients from all over the world. 

Product details"

 Material: LCP

 Process: Plastic injection---Laser engraving, Electroless plating

 Application area: Telecommunication, base station antenna, 5G


Our Advantage

  1. fast response, keen to meet the clients demands and satisfication;

  2. quick development and improvement on clients requirement, e.g. for developing the 5G componenets, the most difficult process, we only used 5days to sort it, from the soucing the special raw material, then special second process, which makes our clients very happy and incredible.

  3. would like to invest on the machines and equipment as long as the manufacturing demands

  4. try 100% to find the way to solve problem, and do what we committed to the customers.

  5. rich experienced techincal team and sales team, who is good at communication with customers and familiar with all the manufacture process

Our Service:

· CNC Machining Service

· CNC Plastic Rapid Prototyping Service

· Metal Rapid Prototyping Service

· Die Casting

· Plastic Injection Molding Service

· Small Volume Production

· Customize service


  1. What is your payment terms?

    50% order and 50% prior to shipment

  2. What is your packaging?

    We use our stt packaging, unless the customers have specific requirment

  3. How many years you manufacturing parts for telecommuncations and what are they?

    we manufactures telecom parts around 10 years, and they are normally for the base station antenna