Vacuum Casting Prototyping for Low Volume

Vacuum Casting Prototyping for Low Volume

Vacuum Casting Prototyping For Low Volume welcome to send us your product pictures or samples,and customized your molds or products What JT Tech Can Do? · CNC Machining Service · CNC Plastic Rapid Prototyping Service · Metal Rapid Prototyping Service · Die Casting · Plastic Injection Molding...

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Vacuum Casting Prototyping For Low Volume

welcome to send us your product pictures or samples,and customized your molds or products

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Product description

Item Name

Vacuum Casting Prototyping For Low Volume

Product Feature

Vacuum casting rapid prototype



Material Available


Metal: aluminum,copper,brass,stainless steel,sheet metal

Available rapid prototyping processes

Prototype design

CNC precision machining

SLA/SLS 3D printer prototyping

Silicone Rubber Mold and Vacuum Casting

Sheet metal fabrication

Mould manufacturing

Surface finishing

Painting, polishing, silk printing, anodizing,electroplating,etc

Delivery time

3-15 days usually and flexible for customers’ demand


Carton box,wooden case or as specified



The Silicone Rubber Mold is created based on a master pattern. The master pattern is created by CNC machining or SLA. Silicone Rubber Molds is excellent chemical stability which offers minimal shrinkage which transfer fine details effectively from Master to Mold.

Silicone mold vacuum casting process
1. Prototype making. To make the prototype via cnc machining or 3d printing or SLA/SLS;
2. Prototype checking and handling. Inspect the prototype size and structures ,craftsman handle it , removing any marks or deburs to ensure the good surface ;
3. Silicone mold building. With the finished prototype,casting master to build the silicone mold;
4. Mold curing. curing the mold in oven under 40 centigrade degree for about 12 hours;
5. Mold splitting. Take the mold out,prune it and split the mold along the parting line,take the prototype out of the mold;
6. Mold preheating. Put the mold into the oven and preheat it under 70 centigrade degree;
7. Vacuum casting. After preheating ,put the mold into vacuum casting machine ,pour the resin into the mold through the sprue after 5-10min vacuuming;
8. Solidifying Forming. In the end,to put the has been cast into the oven to solidify the resin under 70 centigrade degree.
The curing time differs with materials ,normally between 40-90min,after solidified ,take the mold out and get the cast part out ,to clear the Fragment and the gate,so the plastic silicone mold prototype is finished .

Features of silicone mold prototypes:
1. There are various kinds of materials can be used for silicone mold:ABS-LIKE,PP-LIKE,PC-LIKE,PMMA-LIKE,etc,different materials with different specifications;
2. And apart from the variety of materials,customers can choose the transparency,hardness according to their specified demand.Whats more,colors can be added into materials when producing silicone mold products;
3.  The precision of silicone mold is about +/-0.15mm;
4.  The minimum thickness of casting products is 0.5mm,best thickness range:1.5-5mm.
5. The mold life is not so long,one pair of silicone mold can cast 8-20pcs products at most,suits best for low volume production.

Materials available:
Metal--Aluminum, Copper, Brass, Stainless Steel,Sheet Metal.
Rubber,Silicone,plastic like ,foam and other special materials


Surface treatment for silicone mold prototypes
painting,printing, transparent surface, translucent surface , Silkscreen printing

other available treatments:
anodizing,electroplating,brushed,sand blasting rubber,paint,plating Polish, painting, rubber oil, , brushed, etc

Vacuum casting products


Packaging & Shipping  

A. Neutral packing (neutral plastic bag/ foam paper+ neutral carton)
B. Customized packing ( with logo or barcode according to your requirement)




Q1. Will my drawings be safe after sending to you?

A1:Yes, we will keep them well and not release to third party without your permission. Normally our customer will issue us the NDA and we will sign back

Q2: Is it possible to know how are my products going on without visiting your company?

A2: We will offer a detailed production schedule and send weekly reports with digital pictures and videos which show the machining progress.

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